Manish Singh wrote:

snipped out: the fact that clueless Robin completely missed the point that
there was plenty of refactoring done into GPL libraries, quite independent
of the PDB infastructure.
misinformation about the GIMP project. He completely deserves to be called
on his lack of understanding and knowledge, and his complete inexperience
with real software development.

Hmm ... seeing as most decisions seem to be made on IRC, patches are only accepted if they are attached to bugs in the BTS, and evidently it's some great sin to ask a question here, what exactly IS the purpose of this mailing list?

Or is Robin just special? I would imagine that if there are any archives of this mailing list that people can search that the number of flagrantly ignorant questions would go down. Of course, if the list archives convery no knowledge except 'ask not lest ye don asbestos and return none the wiser' that the archives are better off nonexistant.

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