Tor Lillqvist wrote:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann ) writes:
 > According to you, this shouldn't be. Additionally, one would assume that
 > these are additional restrictions that are explicitly forbidden by the GPL
 > itself.

But these restrictions are placed by the MySQL copyright holders
themselves, aren't they? It's those who *copy* (download, install) and
redistribute MySQL that the license applies to, and it's they who
can't add any additional restrictions. Or am I confused...?

For a licence to be considered GPL, it can impose no further restrictions beyond what is in the GPL, excluding exceptions which are explicitly allowed (linking to library X, for example). Of course, the copyright holders can place the software under any licence they see fit. Including the GPL, but also including weird GPL hybrids.

But since the MySQL copyright holders say that the licence is GPL, I suppose they get to have some say in what they consider to be a derived work.


Dave Neary

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