Hi again,

your post (and other mails on the gimp-print-devel list) make me
believe that there isn't much hope for a stable gimp-print API to
appear during the next weeks. Is that right? This means that we have
to change our plan to ship gimp-2.2 with an updated print plug-in.  It
also means that we need to apply the latest user interface changes to
the print plug-in also. So far we haven't touched it since it was
scheduled for replacement.

This also brings up a problematic point about libgimprint-gtk2. Such a
library that includes the complete GUI will make it impossible for us
to have a print plug-in with a user interface that is consistent with
the rest of the GIMP UI. Of course you could adapt our user interface
guidelines (which are basically the HIG with some twists) but we could
always change our mind on this with the next GIMP release (just like
we just did, GIMP-2.2 will look different than GIMP-2.0). Also other
projects using this library might have other ideas about the look and
feel. So you can't possibly get it right for everyone unless you use
lots of style properties to make every aspect of the GUI themable.

Perhaps it would be better to not have the actual user interface in a
gimpprint library. If you want to make it easy to write a GTK2 GUI on
top of libgimpprint, then you could provide a model on top of
libgimpprint that people can easily write a view for. This library
could provides GtkListStores for any selection the user needs to make,
it could provide a preview widget to position the image on the paper.
Basically it would just nicely wrap the libgimpprint API and make it
more GTK+ friendly.

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