Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The core API's pretty close, but we're probably not quite ready to go
> beta.  However, we're not that far off, either.  What's your plan for
> 2.2?

We haven't set a fixed date for the feature freeze yet but we should
do that soon. I'd like to feature freeze next month and attempt to get
2.2.0 out soon after. Current CVS is quite stable so that should be

I've now started to undeprecate the print plug-in in GIMP CVS and to
make it more HIG compliant. However there's still quite some work to
do if we want to get rid of GtkCLists and GtkCombos. Also the dialog
is IMHO too large and could be made smaller by some rearrangements.
Perhaps it would help to get a look at the gtk2 dialog that you guys
are working on. Can you put up a screenshot somewhere?

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