Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Perhaps it would be better to not have the actual user interface in a
> gimpprint library. If you want to make it easy to write a GTK2 GUI on
> top of libgimpprint, then you could provide a model on top of
> libgimpprint that people can easily write a view for. This library
> could provides GtkListStores for any selection the user needs to make,
> it could provide a preview widget to position the image on the paper.
> Basically it would just nicely wrap the libgimpprint API and make it
> more GTK+ friendly.

That's what I'd like to end up with eventually.  I'd like to split up
the UI into various components, such as:

- page preview widget
- treeview to view parameters
- widgets to allow editing of parameters, such as a curve editor
- combo to view string lists
- print queue browser

The user of the library would use the components as they required.

I'm not sure if I have sufficient time to get this done for 5.0,
though.  I still need to get the plugin working before I can start
changing it.


Roger Leigh

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