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> Carol Spears wrote:
> >mr. neary, can you define unpleasant?
> >
> I have been on this list only a very short time, yet I can define 
> unpleasant...
> Unpleasant (noun) See "Carol Spears"
i googled and found this url for a definition:

Not pleasing; disagreeable.

dave neary can be very pleasing.  some of the facts disappear to make
himself "pleasant". 

if you try not to lie and are fighting one or two people to maintain
decisions made by a very impressive group of people, you might become
less pleasant.  i sure did.

i took on a project that no one wanted to do for the gimp.  everyone
whose opinions i was representing near to the end of this project were
more important to me than the one or two people who destroyed it.

my project was destroyed (the gimp web site for the users) by a man
making decisions about what information users need who has, to the best
of my knowledge, not even on the gimp-user mail list.

when i am very angry about this and unable to get my friends to change
their ways, there is a good chance that i am unpleasant.

the price you pay for knowing who you are trying to help and the reasons
for this.

it also happens when you have a human being who does not want to spread
false facts.  telling people what they want to hear is usually the most
pleasant option.  

this letter from you is very unpleasant, for instance.

perhaps if you reseached the issues, asked some of the original
developers what the deal is you would write something both unpleasant
and factual about me.

until then, you are being unpleasant and unfactual.  


> I hate to start a personal attack on a public list, especially against 
> one who has apparently been involved with the project for a long time. 
> However, it is immediately apparent to me that you have a penchant for 
> being negative, highly opinionated and feel victimized by everyone else.
> And you seem to prefer to conduct your tirades in public, so no doubt 
> your prefer that I send my message this way.
> You need a big attitude adjustment, or perhaps should find something 
> more productive to do with your valuable time and superior skills. 
> Participating in a group the way you do is counterproductive, and serves 
> mostly to intimidate people who otherwise could benefit from the 
> positive volunteer activities of so many generous people.
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