Dave Neary wrote:
> To my knowledge, Ernst (who has written the only preview widget currently out
> there) won't be at the conference. David Odin will be, though - and he had
> started working on a preview widget before the 2.0 release, but hasn't had time
> since then to work on the GIMP.
> Does this mean that you're going to be in Norway?

No, unfortunately.  Really my motivation is that I want to add previews
to a few plug-ins, and feel like I would be wasting my time if I do it
before there is a policy in place.  So I am just trying to promote 
settling this in any way I can.

My personal feeling is that it would be best to work from the preview
widget developed by Shawn Amundson and Ernst Lippe.  It certainly has
some issues, but I think they are fixable, and it would be a shame to
waste the huge amount of effort Ernst put into it.  I've been working
with Ernst's code, and can put it into CVS if that would be useful.  (It
is GPL'ed, and almost follows the Hackordnung.  It is also very well

But really I can live with any policy, even one that says that each plug-in
should handle previewing on its own.

  -- Bill

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