Hi Bill,

William Skaggs wrote:
> My personal feeling is that it would be best to work from the preview
> widget developed by Shawn Amundson and Ernst Lippe.  It certainly has
> some issues, but I think they are fixable, and it would be a shame to
> waste the huge amount of effort Ernst put into it.  I've been working
> with Ernst's code, and can put it into CVS if that would be useful.  

I agree with you on this. And currently the blockage to Ernst's
code getting committed seems more personality than technical. I'm
not sure what Sven thinks of committing this into the main CVS,
perhaps you could attach your modified version of Ernst's widget
to the relevant bugzilla report, so that we can have a look at

It would certainly be worth getting the few people who have been
working on this (yourself, Geert, David Odin and Ernst) into a
virtual room to hammer out any issues...


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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