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For some months now I have been working on a new plug-in for the 2.1 version of GIMP. I have been calling this new plug-in Tiny-Fu. Some of the people on this list who use the #gimp IRC channel have already heard about this plug-in.

Tiny-Fu is a plug-in for the 2.1 (and later) series of the <>GIMP. It is essentially a modified version of the Script-Fu plug-in but with some major differences. The main difference is in the Scheme interpreter being used.

I have created a web page for Tiny-Fu. The URL for the page is:
A tarball of Tiny-Fu is available but at the moment it must be hooked in to the GIMP 2.1 source tree using the supplied patch file. A standalone version will be available later.

The web page contains additional information about the plug-in as well as the status of the work being done on it. Currently it is somewhere between the alpha and beta stage of development. It ran its first script in April of this year (ts-helloworld.sct) and as of July 6, I have updated 57 of the 96 Script-Fu scripts to work with Tiny-Fu.


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