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> On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 04:06:38PM +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> > Part of the results of that is that the GIMP is
> > one of the candidates for the annual golden award (with a 
> > large cash prize) which will be presented to the winning 
> > project in Portland at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference 
> > in a couple of weeks. 
> awesome.

We're a long way from winning - we're up against the Valgrind 
guy, Pango, VideoLAN, GNU arch and a couple of other really 
good projects. We have a shot, though.

> who are the people who live in this area?

Do people live near Portland? (Joke!) AFAIK, no-one is 
actually here and living in Portland. yosh is in the bay area, 
and has said he will be able to go if the conference 
registration fee is waived (which I think it should be).

So I guess our search is over :)

> lets look to find a gimp person first.

That was the point of mailing here.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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