> 2. Its main developer (Tom Lord) is desperately in need of cash, as he is
> currently unemployed. (or at least was the last time I checked).

Visit http://gnuarch.org/ for more information. While he is de facto 
unemployed, as you say, he puts it more brightly:
Are these "after hours hobby projects" or what? In fact, no -- since early 
2002, these projects are what I do. I don't have a day job that subsidizes 
this work. Although I'm now working on developing some start-up  projects, in 
the meantime...

By the way: Tom Lord is also working on a new implementation of Scheme (Pika 
Scheme), supporting Unicode. Considering that we could use Tom's Pika Scheme 
instead of TinyScheme, and that he can work on Pika Scheme by living on 
donations that come from his Arch project, it follows that Arch is without a 
doubt a proper sub-project of the GIMP. I'm therefore all the more for GIMP 
to win.

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