Hi William,

William Skaggs wrote:

(1) Layer A1 is visually identical to layer B1.
(2) Layer A2 is visually identical to layer B2.
(3) When layers 1 and 2 are composited in "Add" mode, the two images
look different.

This can happen because of the nonlinearity in color profiles.

I can see that this would happen; I don't, however, consider that to be a major problem, because you'd be able to see with more accuracy than at present what the result would be!

It would be a real can of worms not to use the same color space
internally for all images -- losses in conversion are not an important
enough factor to overcome this.  (But there is a reasonably strong case
for allowing choice as to which color space is used internally.)

I beg to differ!

A silently applied destructive change to the image data is in my opinion a very important factor!

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Alastair M. Roobinson

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