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> Assume GIMP uses Sven's original idea (i.e. Alastair's preferred
> method) where images keep their original colour space. Say a user is
> working on an image in some colour space with a much larger gamut than
> sRGB. If the colour selector allows only sRGB colours to be selected,
> the "most blue" colours he can select have the B value 255.  When
> converted to the image's wide-gamut colour space, the colour will have
> significantly less B value. There won't be any way to select the
> colours that are out of the colour selector's sRGB gamut.

Who said the color would be converted to the image's color-space? We
are discussing short-term solutions for color management here. GIMP
won't know anything about color-spaces. All we are discussing here is
whether it makes sense to use display filters to color-correct the
image display (and optionally color selector displays). The other
point that we are discussing is how file plug-ins should handle
embedded color profiles, i.e. whether to attach the profile to the
image or not.

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