Quoting Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> All we are discussing here is
> whether it makes sense to use display filters to color-correct the
> image display (and optionally color selector displays).

I don't think there is any argument about that. It does make sense to apply the
monitor's profile as the last step in the projection.

> The other
> point that we are discussing is how file plug-ins should handle
> embedded color profiles, i.e. whether to attach the profile to the
> image or not.

I may be listening to a different conversation. The other point was whether
embedded profiles should be applied at load time or be factored into the
projection. In this scheme, the core would have to be at least aware of color
profiles attached to images. It's not simply a question of attach or apply,
since one has implications for the core, and the other doesn't. So this isn't
just about the file plug-ins.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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