> By using vectors I was able to very quickly update the portion of those
> scripts which used SIOD array functions. I have not changed the Tiny-Fu
> marshalling code yet but I will do that soon and release a new tarball.

Now since there is essentially a one-to-one correspondence between Tiny-Fu's 
vectors and Script-Fu's "arrays", it might be worth considering adding 
compatibility definitions to "init.scm" (similar to gimpcompat.h for 
plug-ins), that would, depending on a certain "compatibility"-switch in a 
configuration file (or in "init.scm" itself, but I don't know if every user 
will get a copy or you will install the file in /usr/gimpsomething...), 
"define ...." the current array operations and map them to corresponding 
vector functions. You could then (depending on said switch) also re-define 
set! to use "define" if a variable is not "defined?".

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