On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Markus Triska wrote:

> I'm for now using a quick and terrible hack to fill the triangles (see
> attached source if you are curious) and want to ask:  Which method do
> you recommend to fill lots of triangles from within a plug-in? Is there
> a (fast?) Gimp function for this that I can use, maybe capable of
> anti-aliasing?

Well, the quick-and-dirty way of doing it would be to select a triangle
shape and use the GIMP's fill function. :)

I'm afraid I don't see why there is a lack of locality here: each triangle
to be filled indeed has locality.  Of course, if the triangle is
sufficiently small, only one tile needs to be involved.

Perhaps what you are really saying is that the tile cache needs to be
really large to be effective because there is not much between-triangle


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