From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: 09 Aug 2004 00:10:48 +0200

   I think it's about time to start to discuss what features we still
   want to get into GIMP 2.2. We are targetting a feature freeze by
   the end of the month and a release shortly after, so it's probably
   about time...

   I'd like to collect a list of changes what we want to see being
   done for 2.2. We will need people to pick up these tasks and finish
   them in the next weeks. I will make a start by listing some of the
   things that I think would be great to finish for 2.2. Please add
   your wishes and/or take responsibility for some of these tasks. If
   you want to go into detail about a task that is listed below,
   please create a new thread for it so we can use this thread for
   collecting ideas.

Gimp-Print 5.0 isn't going to be in final release at that point, but
it should be at beta-2 by then, and we've been putting a lot of bug
fixes into our tree.  I don't think it's as stable as 4.2 yet, but
it's not far shy.  We should be completely API-frozen at that point.
We need to work out handoff of the plugin, as discussed.

The only API change we're looking at right now is adding
dimension-valued parameters.  These are like numerical parameters,
except that programs should present them in the appropriate units,
such as inches, mm, points, furlongs, or whatnot.  The short-term
reason for this is to allow precise registration of CD's.  We could
either make the change and then hand it off, or we could hand it off
and you could make the change.  Since the only real implication of
this is for the UI, and it sounds like you're going to overhaul the
UI, perhaps we should hand it off first.

I'll be away this week, so don't expect any replies from me until next
Sunday or so.

   Color management

     This has been discussed quite thoroughly but it still needs to be
     written down in some sort of specification and then been cut down
     into tasks.

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