Are You interessted into sharing the same PDB function names from what is
allready gone into CinePaint?

This kind of integration would help writers of future plug-ins to port
to and from GIMP.
Please let me know and I will go and post the related things here. You can
then decide by as You like.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
                                + imaging development / panoramas
                                + color management
                                + email :[EMAIL PROTECTED]

PS: ICC conversion to CMYK is done in my version of the print plug-in not
    in the tiff plug-in

Am 14.08.04, 02:08 +0200 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> Hi,
> it would help a lot if you could send some information on what
> settings you think are needed for color management. I know this info
> is in Bugzilla but I'd like to see it mentioned here so that we can
> start to discuss how to implement it in a way that it can be used from
> display filter modules. I guess we also need the same info to be
> accessible by plug-ins also? We will then also have to add a PDB API
> to access them (read-only ?).
> Sven

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