Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> the same way you can change the padding color now.  i would not have
> been able to imagine such an interface to the previews without all those
> new options for customizing your sessions.  all this stuff is sane?

You might not have noticed that we have started to remove options from
the user interface. However you should be aware of the fact that we
try not to add new options unless there's a very good reason for it.

Actually the plan was to let the plug-in previews respect the settings
from gimprc that already exist:

  (transparency-size medium-checks)

     Sets the size of the checkerboard used to display  transparency.
     Possible  values  are  small-checks,  medium-checks  and  large-

  (transparency-type gray-checks)

     Sets the manner in which transparency is  displayed  in  images.
     Possible  values  are  light-checks,  gray-checks,  dark-checks,
     white-only, gray-only and black-only.

That would of course mean that the same settings apply to plug-in
previews and to image windows.


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