On Sat, Sep 25, 2004 at 08:35:32PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > I cannot reproduce your brush-stroking result for gimp-2.0 then. Is
> > > that a recent version of gimp-2.0 that you've been using? Does it
> > > contain the fix for bug #147836?
> > > 
> > i am using gimp-2.0 from debian.
> > 
> > is there a reason that it would be fixed in the 2.0 branch and not in
> > the 2.1 branch?
> Huh? Perhaps you should have another look at the image you posted
> (http://carol.gimp.org/files/stroke.png). It shows different results
> for gimp-2.0 and gimp-2.1. I can however not reproduce this. The
> results I get for stroking look basically identical in gimp-2.1,
> gimp-2.0 and gimp-1.2. I admit that the result isn't very satisfying
> but I cannot reproduce your results. My guess is that you used a
> different brush when creating the stroke with gimp-2.0.
> The bug report I refered to should actually not affect your particular
> example but I asked nevertheless just to be sure what versions we are
> comparing here. As you could have easily found out by looking at
> bugzilla, the fix for #147836 is in gimp-2.0.4 and of course it is
> also in the HEAD branch.
well, due to the many concerns about how i made these images, there is
now a whole series of pngs/xcfs in this same directory, ending with:
http://carol.gimp.org/files/stroke4.png where the same selection is used
in all three gimp versions.

the selection has been saved in:
http://carol.gimp.org/files/stroke4.xcf and simon has made certain that
i did not use (even accidentally) different brushes.

simon and mitch are right now discussing changes to the paintcore which
might have affected this.  anyone can read this discussion here:

do you have changes in your version that no one else has?


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