Hi there,

I will leave some of your questions unanswered, as there are people 
here who know more than I do, and I could popssibly say the wrong 

On Monday 11 October 2004 20:17, Campbell Barton wrote:
> Hi, My names is Cam- I have been involved in Blender3D Plugin
> writing and development for a while now and have a little
> experience in C. I use the gimp every day for imaging and texturing
> for 3D models.

Nice to know that!

> Blender.org is realy good with its community, and web forum- I
> didnt find anything like this for the Gimp- (Not saying it isnt
> there), Now Im on this list Id like to be involved with writing
> Plugins and a little C where I can.

We meet mostly at the IRC - GIMPNet, #gimp.
Two big resource sites are www.gimp.org itself - Carol and some others 
can point you to more specific places in there -, and 
> Some things Id like to know tho are-
> Is there any 'good place to start' with C programming in the Gimp.
> - Docs tutorials etc. (I have mainly used OpenGL in C/Python)
developers.gimp.org , but Sven and others can point you to more 
specific places.

> Is the Gimp serious about Python as a plugin language, from using
> Blender3D/Python, Gimp/Python would be easy- but I tried and
> couldent get a Scheme script running in python- (Could have been a
> silly mistake but I tried for ages)

Well ... it should be "serious" - but there had been a lack of 
maintainement of the gimp Python plug-in. It is tehre, and work can 
be done in it, however.

> Is there a way of refreshing python scripts without restarting??.

Just change the script in disk and re-run it. Unlike script-fu 
plug-ins, Python-fu scripts register as normal plug-ins to the 
GIMP,and are re-read from the disk each time they are executed.
> Im thinking I should probably just go wuith scheme since its the
> default... but Id liek some feedback on this one.

I personally would feel gratefull if you would go with Python. Some of 
the developers, perhaps most of them, seem to prefer Scheme - But 
GIMP Python  is functional, and I plan to help turning it along the 
next months. Actually, if you are searching a place to start hacking 
in the GIMP, the GIMP Python plugin could be a good place. :-)

The GIMP is in the proccess of feature-freeze for a release before the 
end of the year. (v. 2.2). Possibly GIMP-Python will get a 
stand-alone module on the Gnome-CVS so it can be improved in  
independent cycles. 

A ggod place to know what needs to be done in the codebase is 
bugzilla.gnome.org - search for pending bugs for gimp 2.2 release.


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