I am using gimp-2.2-pre2. I certainly get totally different results than you for the same setting. I would appreciate some advice on how to find out how can that be,


ōyvind KolŚs wrote:
On Fri, 03 Dec 2004 10:12:37 +1300, Joseph Heled

BTW, all this was part of a small evaluation of CCD noise removal method. If you
are interested, the details are in

The results are quite dismaying. I appreciate any insight on the subject.
However please note I am not looking for a solution for the specific image I
used, but a generic one.

I think you are running with an old version of the gimp, the artifacts
from the median filtering done in the Despeckle plugin doesn't look
good at all in your image,. somehow it seems like the result I achieve


might be similar to what you want (note that I have run it on the jpeg
version of
your original.) running with a radius of 1.


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