On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 02:32:59PM +0100, Dave Neary wrote:

> > > I have no objections as long as people are happy with this. I
> > > would be a little worried about some splashes not getting a fair
> > > whack because they were submitted late, but sure, why not.
> > >
> > > When do you think it would be fair to call a result?
> > Well, if I understand you correctly, the core developers have to make
> > the decision which splash screen will be in the next gimp release.
> I disagree. It should be a user community decision primarily. Of course, the
> core developers belong to the user community.

Maybe a note should be put onto the voting page - like "Remember that
this splash screen will be shown to a lot of users, many of whon are not
computer freaks or experts. Therefore, the splash screen should be
worthy a respectable image manipulation app.". 

> > If this all is to complicated from now on and you guys want a splash
> > screen fast, I'm very fine with your solution Dave. I don't have to make
> > the decision which splash screen will be the winner, so I can shut up if
> > you already figured out how to judge :) Dunno what the others think
> > about this ...
> One of the advantages of the panel system is that a few people can be
> conscientious and look at all the entries, whereas a larger pool of people is
> more likely to pick their favourites froml the first 100 or 150 splashes, and

Just randomize them - use a seed value based on the nickname so that the
page looks the same every time.

> ignore the last 300, which would be a shame, since there are some really nice
> ones down there. Another consideration is that a panel can ignore splashes 
> that
> we can't ship for one reason or another (copyright material, other people's
> trademarks, etc) and can also use agreed guidelines (no photos, for example)
> whereas that's harder for a much larger collective.

My k.o. criteria:
- just a photo
- screenshot with OS-specifics (e.g. window decoration)
- advocacy

> In either case, we need some kind of resolution on this today or we run into 
> the
> other thing I was worried about, which is time.
> I suggest that
>  - Mukund wipes the existing votes
>  - We give people on the mailing lists until Thursday to vote
>  - Please try to avoid getting mukund's page slashdotted

Mirrors, anyone? Votes are easy to add...

>  - On Thursday evening, if the top choice is not invalid for some reason, 
> we're
> done. If it is, we go onto second choice. Etc.

ACK. The voting pages should close automatically (and communicate this

Bye, Tino.

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