On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 14:31:10 +0100, Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Austin Donnelly ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> [scissors tool]
> >   - the point editing interface sucks; I merely made the existing one work
> > but it might be interesting to see if it could use the same code from the
> > Path tool (that was always the plan)
> That'd indeed rock. Intelligend Scissors could just be a path tool that
> has a very crude way to calculate the segment between two control
> points. The API might already support this (you can have custom stroke
> types) but details would be needed to work this out (we'd then have
> a dependency between the path and the associated drawable, since the
> path needs the drawable to figure out its outline).

This is a side issue, but for the intelligent scissors there is another
feature that I thought about: adjusting the position of a selected
control point automatically within a small radius (e.g., 5 pixels),
based on the closest bits of the calculated segments attached to that

Sometimes when I use the IScissors and I forget to zoom in to add some
control points precisely, I end up with a control point that is a few
pixels off of the edge that I want to select.  The calculated segments
are then hugging the shape quite closely except for the pixels close to
the misplaced control point (i.e., there is a little bit that sticks
out of the shape).

Although being able to move the control points as in the Path tool would
already solve most of the problem, it could be interesting to have an
option to re-position a selected control point automatically.  This has
a rather low priority: it is just a "nice to have" thing.

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