On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 09:31:06PM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> one last try to explain it to you. GIMP doesn't need Jade. It needs
> gtkdoc to build the developer documentation. gtkdoc can work in two
> modes, the old-fashioned way of using it involves processing SGML and
> thus needs jade or, preferably, openjade. The newer way of building
> these docs uses DocBook XML which is processed using xsltproc (on
> which we depend anyway). Since gtkdoc allows both SGML and XML, the
> gtkdoc package depends on jade. It would probably be a good idea to
> make jade optional for the build of gtkdoc so that people like you,
> who are for whatever reason not able to get it installed, can still
> build and install a version of gtkdoc that would work with GIMP.
i think that the mail list is not as fast as the exchange it is managing

also, this well written explanation made me think of the mail i
originally sent about this issue.  i am going to quote that here:

i am attempting to build gimp from cvs.  updating and typing "make"
failed with the following error message:

./configure: line 33395: syntax error near unexpected token `1.0'
./configure: line 33395: `GTK_DOC_CHECK(1.0)'
make: *** [config.status] Error 2

the next step for me (usually) is to reconfigure.  i always send it a
few extra parameters, so i "./autogen.sh --help".  this failed with this

checking for gtkdocize ...
  You must have gtk-doc installed to compile The GIMP.
  Install the appropriate package for your distribution,
  or get the source tarball at

so i went to the mentioned web site and snarfed the tarball.  to my
dismay, this is what i read about the new dependencies:


Perl v5 - the main scripts are in Perl.

DocBook SGML DTD v3.0 or DocBook XML DTD v4.1.2 - the DocBook DTDs.

Jade v1.1 or OpenJade 1.3.1 for SGML.

libxslt & libxml2 2.3.6 for XML.

DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets (I've got 1.40, but v1.19+ may be OK)

DocBook XSL Stylesheets

what you said in this email really sounds great, however i tend to trust
these README files and try to read them before i ask questions.

perhaps you can tell me where i went wrong?  i read the error messages,
attempted to reconfigure and read those error messages.  following what
those error messages told me i went to the listed web site, got the
tarball that was mentioned and in the readme it says that this stuff is
dependent on Jade or OpenJade.

if what you say is true, i messed up somewhere in solving this issue and
building gimp successfully.

perhaps you can help me by telling me where my information is incorrect.

thank you for the time you spend today with this and i am sorry for the
email lag.


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