Selon Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>       There is now a file called "exif-handling.txt" in devel-docs
>       that summarizes my understanding, based on the exif
>       specifications, of how an image editor is supposed to handle the
>       exif data in a file.  Of course we need not take the
>       specifications as gospel (among other things, they specify that
>       a proper EXIF file must have a file name in 8.3 format, ending
>       in .JPG!), but they should serve as a good default.
> Adobe at least had an excuse with PPD files 10 years ago.  There's no
> excuse for 8.3 any more.

Before people get high-horsey about this, consider that 90% of digital cameras
have embedded DOS as their OS, and are thus unable to generate files which are
not 8.3.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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