]It's a bummer that it's not something like UTF-8 (and quite odd,
]if the spec came from Japan), but editing ASCII is still useful
]for quite a large number of people.
]What do modern cameras sold in Japan save in the EXIF fields?

Japan has a romanized alphabet that's corresponds to their characters.  Other 
languages like Chinese have a more difficult problem because some dialects have 
no standard romanized phonetic system.  

I wouldn't go to any extra effort to keep multibyte systems from working with 
data that's supposed to be ASCII, nor would I add any special functionality to 
support multibyte characters.  Basically, do the straightforward implementation 
of the spec, with one exception:

I would, as a user, expect my programs to be able to handle any filename, and 
blame any failure to do so on the image editing tool rather than the spec.  At 
the same time, any default filename generated should be within the 8.3 standard.


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