"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Here is my personal roadmap of things I would like to be able to
> put into 2.4, assuming all goes well:
> 1) New rectangle select tool that allows adjustment of rectangle after
> creation.  (Implemented in my personal tree with the exception of
> keybindings.  Implemented as a separate tool, so it can be tested 
> and improved without losing the standard rect-select.)

This is hopefully based on GimpVectors and allows to evolve into a
general shapes tool. Please tell us about your approach (preferably
before starting to hack on things in your own tree).

> 5) Get Gfig to use its own generated brushes for stroking, and to do
> libart stroking.  (Not implmented, but not hard.)

Hmm, I'd rather see GFig die, the sooner the better.

> 6) Allow data items such as brushes, patterns, etc to be organized
> into categories.  (Not implemented.)
> I see #6 as far and away the most important, and I would like
> it to be the main focus of my effort, assuming we can come up with
> a good plan.  We have discussed this on #gimp and made progress, I
> think, though not to the extent of pinning down the details.

I think we have already gone into the details here on gimp-developer.

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