On Sunday 09 January 2005 19:39, William Skaggs wrote:
> 4) Various enhancement to gimpressionist.  (Implemented in my
> tree for quite some time.)

Hmmm... gimpressioninst...

Well, as you may well know, I've done a lot of cleanup and bug-squashing in 
gimpressionist, so I have some investment in it. I should note that the 
cleaned-up code I have now, is almost entirely incompatible with the code I 
started with. (i.e that of GIMP circa 2.0.x).

I should note[1] that Bill sent me a version of gimpressionist which he worked 
on starting from mid-1.3.x with the following changes:

1. Several features that were already present elsewhere removed.

2. Some features added, like the ability to use a bitmap to specify an 

3. A rework of the gimpressionist internals to use tiles instead of entire 

Now due to #3, what we have in CVS now (which is a cleaned-up version of 
before that) is incompatible with what he sent me. So either we clean-up/add 
some minor features (a better PDB entry, for example, which I added) to his 
version or we similarly engineer the CVS code.

So I'm asking bill what he has in mind, and if I can help. (assuming I will be 
interested to do so in the future, instead of just letting bill selflessly do 
all the hard work for me.)


        Shlomi Fish

[1] - Hopefully with bill's acceptance.

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