Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Now due to #3, what we have in CVS now (which is a cleaned-up version of
> before that) is incompatible with what he sent me. So either we clean-up/add
> some minor features (a better PDB entry, for example, which I added) to his
> version or we similarly engineer the CVS code.
> So I'm asking bill what he has in mind, and if I can help. (assuming I will be
> interested to do so in the future, instead of just letting bill selflessly do
> all the hard work for me.) 

Ah!  I've been merging the improvements from your "refactored" gimpressionist
into my version, and have most of them incorporated by this time, including
your code for calling the plug-in non-interactively by specifying a preset.  
I would not suggest moving to a new version if it meant that all
of your work had gone to waste.  

In case it wasn't clear, my "Roadmap" was simply a list of the things
I would be interested in looking at for GIMP 2.4, and not a specific
plan to do anything in particular.

  -- Bill

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