Sven Neumann wrote:

> If we don't convert the image at load time, all plug-ins that change
> colors would have to be aware of the color-space the image is in.
> Since this is not the case for the time being, it would probably be a
> bad idea to not convert the image. As soon as we go further down the
> road and have all plug-ins as GEGL ops, this will change. But for the
> time being, I don't see much choice but to convert everything to sRGB.
> Note that we are just talking about the first step here. Something
> that we can achieve in the next few months, without changing each and
> every piece of code in GIMP and it's plug-ins.

Hello Sven,

Sorry for breaking the thread, but I was not able to find this message as

I think that the suggestions made by Hal V. Engel and Jan-Peter Homann (a
well known color management consultant in Germany, afair also a member of
the maillist, a very good resource for cms knowledge)are very
important for a professional color management in the GIMP.

I'm not a Programmer, but isn't it possible to make a plug-in which load's
the icc information at a first step, to offer the user the ability to
decide in which way he wants to handle the file regarding it's color space?

After this step the file will be converted into the choosed colorspace[*]
and then loaded into the gimp, displayed in the working colorspace,
corrected by the monitor profile, with the possibility to choose a "color
proof view" with a selectable icc profile for the soft proof.    

Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

a. no colormanagement 
b. working colorspace (imho don't offer the user the ability to preselect
the working color space in the preferences and instead convert all files
into sRGB is the worst we can do) 
c. apply an icc profile and then as a suboption 
c1. convert it into the working color space.

For Gimp-print we can handle the icc like Jan-Peter Homann suggested.

I agree, that this behavior would be very close to the behavior of adobe
photoshop regarding color-management, which got imho a very good
implementation of a colormanagement for professional needs.

There are good starting points by Alastair M.Robinson <blackfive [ a t ]>. 

He made a good start of such a plugin with it's 'separate' plugin:
He send me a copy of an improved version for gimp 2.x . 

Please see this thread in gimp user:

He also works on a programm called photoprint:
based on guten print for gimp. (GIMP-Print/GutenPrint version 5 (beta 2))

for example photoprint..

o Can apply ICC colour profiles, with selectable rendering intent.
o Can generate rough-cast ICC colour profiles, given RGB Primary
chromaticity coordinates (x,y), Gamma values and White Point.
o Can read and use an embedded colour profile (currently TIFF only).

He's working on CMYK support implemented with Argyll:

Coming soon:
Support for CMYK images and profiles (useful in combination with Argyll),
and widgets for dealing with physical dimensions.
CMYK images are not yet properly supported, but I intend to support these in

I think it's very important for the future of the gimp, to handle color
management in a proper and professional way, to get it on a professional
level also for pre-press image processing. 

Is there an existing roadmap for this issue?

Thank you

Gerhard Gaussling

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