Sven wrote:

> This is also akward. The crop tool shouldn't have a dialog, nor should
> we add one to a possible new rectangle tool. The current rect-select
> tool shows how the tool-options can be used for this. 

I'll defer responding to your other points until I see your proposal,
but I would like to respond to this one.  I think, on the contrary,
that the tool options should be used for choices that are (at least
potentially) persistent, and that input only relevant to the current
application of a tool should be done using a dialog (*).  The reason for
this is that it is generally best to keep the tool options dialog
fixed in size and location, but a pop-up dialog can be positioned
and sized as needed.

I don't actually share your negative attitude toward the crop tool.
The only real problem with it is that the dialog gets in the way
when it is not wanted, but that could easily be solved by adding
a "Show dialog" option to the crop tool options.  On the other hand, 
I find the current rect-select options pretty unpleasant to use.

  -- Bill

(*) -- There are exceptions.  It isn't worth creating a dialog for one
or two buttons, for example the "Path to Selection" button in the Paths tool. 

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