Mateusz Misiorny <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am currently working on a poster, and it's huge (from the point of
> view of the amount of memory I have ;) ). Once in a while I have to
> post it to the mailing list for my people to see if they like it and
> tell me what to change. Every time I want to mail it I first have to
> save it (.xcf), then scale it down, save as jpg then undo the scaling
> or just close and load again. So I thought it would be great if there
> was an option in the save dialog to choose the size you want to save
> the image in. It could be hidden in the "Advanced Options" or
> something so that usually it wouldn't bother you.
> What do you think about this? Should I put up a reuqest on bugzilla for that?
> It shouldn't be too hard to implement, since it's just one more
> operation during saving (like flattening or so) and it would require
> copying the Scale Image dialog somewhere to the Save Dialog. It would
> save you undo memory, and time.

No, this would only clutter the save dialog. It is already crowded
enough. If we'd do that, next week someone will call for
auto-whitebalance on save, adding a border and sending mail to
grandma. No way.

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