Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Since the randomness doesn't play a big role here (like in a
> security environment) I wonder if it wouldn't be easiest to
> employ a per-thread pseudo-RNG seeded with a different
> "random" number. One global RNG would be nice for this...

GRand is such a pseudo-RNG.

> BTW: How often is gradient_fill_single_region_rgb being called?
> Maybe we can simply make the RNG a local property of this and
> the ..._gray function and be done with it; that of course
> wouldn't make much sense if it ends up being called a million
> times per fill...

It is called once per tile. Your approach probably makes sense as long
as don't use g_rand_new() but g_rand_new_with_seed().  g_rand_new()
initializes the random number generator from /dev/urandom which is
probably too expensive to be done once per tile.

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