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Simon Budig a écrit :
And what is involved with being the "official merchandiser"?
How would we handle other companies trying to sell Gimp merchandise and
want similiar exposure? Do we need an official merchandiser?

Essentially, this is what it comes down to ("de we need an official merchandiser?"). Or more to the point, do we want a GIMP store. Clearly we don't *need* anything.

Currently, there is next to no GIMP stuff, and what little there is is not profiting the GIMP project at all.

This agreement would be a formal agreement whereby sourcewear gets exposure from gimp.org, and in return we get money, and a variety of other nice stuff (t-shirts printed at cost for sale at conferences, for example). So what is involved in being the official merchandiser is that they would be the only company with a prominent presence on gimp.org.

Other companies who want to produce GIMP merchandise can do so (with the permission of the copyright holder on Wilber , namely tigert) independently of gimp.org.

If the project as a whole decides that we don't want to have a relationship like this with a merchandiser, then fine. We won't, and we will continue not to have GIMP stuff for sale which will generate money to pay for stuff. Right now, we're not paying for mych stuff as it is, in spite of my recent mails on our financial situation.

But as I also said, the relationship in its current state is a non-starter. Federico is selling almost no GIMP t-shirts, and until there is some link bringing GIMP fans to sourcewear, that's not going to change. Which means we continue to sit on our high horse, and people who want to buy t-shirts don't know where to go to find them.

I would love to be able to buy GIMP stuff online, and know that for every €20 that I spend, the GIMP is getting €5.

Frankly, making www.gimp.org a platform for a single merchandiser, so
that he can ship Gimp-T-Shirts which also serve as a platform for said
merchandiser does sound like a bad deal for me. Also the stuff currently
available does not catch my fancy.

We will ask to validate product lines, and I don't think Federico would oppose printing designs which GIMP community members come up with. The t-shirts are a very high quality, so the only issue is the designs.

The deal would be non-exclusive for GIMP goods, but would be exclusive (with a limited lifetime) for placement on gimp.org. One requirement I'd like Federico to satisfy is the ability to link directly to the GIMP products rather than going through the main page.

The idea of doing things this way is that it's the path of least resistance to getting a GIMP store. We control the product line, get regular updates on sales (we can even consult the sales database in real-time), and regular payments. We don't have to worry about credit cards, deliveries, customer service, stock management or any of the other things that make an online store hard work.

I believe the hassle
which will come up when other merchandisers become aware of this deal
is not worth it.

I've talked to a few, the reason I'm suggesting Federico is that he has already been making and selling high quality GIMP t-shirts for several months. And why would there be hassle when other merchandisers find out? None have even approached us to try something like this. In any case, if it's the bother of other merchandisers you are worried about, I am willing to be the front-man for this and take all such requests.


David Neary

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