Sven Neumann wrote:
Another image manipulation program, which GIMP is frequently being
compared to, uses the Space key to offer the functionality that GIMP
has bound to the middle mouse button: panning the image display. Since
not everyone has a middle mouse button (especially on tablet pens), it
might be a good idea to follow that example. If we did that, pressing
Space would keep the current tool but the cursor would change to a
hand symbol and one could drag the image display (not the content!)
using the mouse.

Any opinions on that, anyone?

I agree that the space key should be reserved for something
pretty amazingly common and useful.  I suppose it's also likely
that panning the image is a slightly more common temporary mode of
action than moving a layer, regardless of what The Other program
does, though we DO have a super-handy little single-click panning
tool on the image window already, so overall I don't think it's a
compelling win (or loss).

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