There are lots of Summer project sized tasks around the GIMP that we could propose to Google. As a start:

 - Add text boxes to the text tool
- Write a heal tool and an intelligent eraser tool (sharing as much code as possible between them) - Work on a framework to make plug-in settings saveable across sessions (this might be done now, is it?) - Convert all the GIMP utility code to real GObject widgets, and then complete the Python binding for libgimp*
 - Design and write a shapes tool
- Reverse engineer PSD format for PS 10 and write the load/save plug-in (or adapt the existing one) to it
 - Add save for web plug-in
 - (Re)write a plug-in distribution system which integrates with the GIMP

There are lots more.

I'm not sure what timetable Sven's working on for 2.4, but I believe we're almost at feature freeze, which means that people can start working on these projects, and integrate into CVS once 2.4.x comes out - project deadlines are September 1st, and we should have a release to integrate against by then.

Some of these are small, and are probably only a week or two of work. Others will have trouble being finished after 3 months solid work. Should we make the proposals?


David Neary

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