Alan Horkan wrote:

I really like the idea of providing information about menu items but not

the proposed implementation.  The way many other Gnome and GTK give the
information applications do is to show a description of a menu item in the
status bar.  Perhaps the existing short description/summary/blurb in most
plugins could potentially be repurposed for this, what do you think?

Most users will invoke items from the menu and won't care what carries out the action (ie. plug-in, or script) so I don't feel the menus should provide any such information. What would be useful is for the Procedural Browser to include the menu path as is currently done in the plug-in browser. While working on Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu scripts I often use the browser to determine which PDB call I need to use for a given task. I sometimes want to execute that function from a menu so I can verify the function has the effect I am after. Its a real pain when I have to go searching through the menus to track down the menu equivalent of a PDB function for items I don't (or seldom) use.

To provide some indication as to the origin of a plug-in or script listed in one of the browsers without cluttering the browser window it could be done via a word (or two?) in brackets at the end of the line which indcates the type of the entry. After Temporary Procedure or GIMP Plug-in you could have (in brackets) Core, Perl, Python, Script-Fu, or Tiny-Fu (for example). For plug-ins written in C adding a word in brackets at the end could be skipped. It may only be useful for items registered by scripting plug-ins.


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