On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 12:02:23PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Why is she using the file open dialog at all? She could as well use
> the file manager and drag the files into GIMP.

That's annoying.  At work, on WinXP, I have a number of 'necessary' windows
open at all time, to do cellphone game development:

  My project folder
  The Visual Studio window
  A build directory
  A target directory for dragging-and-dropping builds
  Email client

That's already cluttered enough, and WinXP's lack of usable virtual desktops[*]
makes it even more annoying to try to open more windows.  Especially since
I can't tell Gimp "Stay above other windows."  And even if I could, it would
be irritating if a window full of files just HAPPENED to appear 'under' the
Gimp window.

So yeah, I almost ALWAYS use "File->Open", and almost never use drag-n-drop.

[*] I've tried the Microsoft "PowerToy" for virtual desktops.  It's utterly
    useless.  Doubly-so since it (1) rearranges the window listing in the
    taskbar, and (2) Visual Studio is a piece of crap, and does stuff like
    unminimize when you switch between virtual desktops.

> The file open dialog should really only be used if the file isn't
> readily selected elsewhere which should be rather unlikely if you
> are working in a document oriented way.

99% of the time, even if I'm just manipulating digital photos, I open all of
the files at once.  I find it easier to with an "Open" dialog than it is
with either Windows' file explorer or the Konqueror file manager.

I mean, maybe it's because I'm stuck at 1024x768, but I just don't have
lots of room for dragging and dropping files from file manager windows.

> Also, you might want to explain bookmarks to your wife. She might find
> the dialog a lot more usable then.

The bookmarks are okay, until you end up having 5 different folders called
"bitmaps", and it's impossible to tell which project folder it's from.
(I use fairly standardized folder heirarchies and makefiles at work,
so every game has a "bitmaps" folder.)

Bookmarking more than one folder with a particular name causes
confusion, since you can't tell which is which.  Perhaps I should post a
wishlist item to Gimp's bug tracker. :^)  When there are multiple bookmarks
pointing to folders with the same name, show more context.  e.g.:


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