Bill Kendrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Also, you might want to explain bookmarks to your wife. She might find
>> the dialog a lot more usable then.
> The bookmarks are okay, until you end up having 5 different folders called
> "bitmaps", and it's impossible to tell which project folder it's from.
> (I use fairly standardized folder heirarchies and makefiles at work,
> so every game has a "bitmaps" folder.)
> Bookmarking more than one folder with a particular name causes
> confusion, since you can't tell which is which.  Perhaps I should post a
> wishlist item to Gimp's bug tracker. :^)  When there are multiple bookmarks
> pointing to folders with the same name, show more context.  e.g.:

There's already a bug-report on that in the GTK+ bug-tracker.

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