Alan Horkan wrote:

It is unfortunate that the new file chooser is bad at exactly the things
the old file chooser was good at, a case of six of one half dozen of the
other.  (I always have a terminal open and make frequent use of
gimp-remote so I dont mind to the new file chooser too much.)

Yes, I do that too. I alias it to gr, so the only penalty is an extra mouse click and one extra keypress.

That we both go to these lengths to avoid using the new dialog says something.

To my mind the biggest problem with the old dialog was that it's *really* ugly to look at! It also looks reminiscent of the old Windows 3.1 file dialog, which is a big turn-off to some people...

I notice some projects have added support for the new file chooser to make
it a compile time option but mostly as a way to avoid forcing their users
to use the latest version of GTK.  I expect the gimp requires an up to
date version of GTK for other other reasons but perhaps support for the
old file chooser could be added as a compile time option (horribly
inelegant and another unpleasant configuration option I know but I wanted
to put it out there as a possibility).

I seem to remember early versions of Page Plus had a very good way of balancing the needs of experienced and new users; you could set the user interface between three modes, beginner, medium and expert, which determined how many of the advanced features were visible.

Later versions broke out in a nasty case of Wizarditis, but they at least had the sense to make it possible to disable them.

I think ultimately, something like this might be the answer - not for The GIMP, but for GTK+ - if I could set a flag in my .gtkrc file to say "I'm not a novice, don't try and shield me from complexity" I'd be a lot happier!

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Alastair M. Robinson
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