Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> > The thing is that there are plenty of exceptions to that rule.
>> > File|Dialogs being a big source of stuff that doesn't need an image,
> I'm irked that we have both Dialogs and Dialogues

Sorry, would you mind to explain that? We only have a menu called
Dialogs. Everything else is a translated menu entry.

> and I would like to see it replaced with a term that doesn't require
> extra localisation work and yes I wouldn't be averse to slapping the
> slightly inappropriate "Windows" label on it (benefit of consistency
> with other software) but Palettes or even Docks which actualy
> describes the type of dialogs might be better.

Windows is usually used for a list of opened windows. So if we used
that we would use a term that is consistently used in other
applications for something completely different. And we should
actually consider to add a Windows menu that lists all open GIMP

>>    Python-Fu Console...
>>    Python-Fu Browser...
> I think the Procedure browsers have been unified and I think we are
> arleady down to just one Procedure browser.

No, that hasn't happened yet.

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