> Von: "lode leroy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I'm trying to get pygimp to work on gimp-2.3.1 for windows/autotools.
> For some reason, the pygimp plugin seems not to be initialized.

That's the same problem I have...
> Could someone sketch the mechanism by which pygimp is supposed to be
> loaded?

It is a python module (actually two of them), but even if you make sure that
python should find them (either by a .pth file in python's Lib/site-packages
directory or by copying it there, it doesn't work.

> It looks like the pygimp.interp file is actually read and used: it 
> complained that
> /c/python24/python did not exist: I changed those to
> c:/python24/python.exe
> and the error is gone now.

We should make sure that there are no absolute paths in this file - and
pythonw.exe might be a better option than python.exe, since this opens a
console windows.
> I added a print statement to plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c:initgimp()
> and that looks like it's not called...
> Does anyone know who'se supposed to call that function... assuming that
> that is the entrypoint into the pygimp module of course...

If you build the module with Python's distutils package (basically an
autotools replacement, but you need a custom "makefile"), it works. I can
provide the build logs for this, the flags given to gcc and ld differ
between the autotools and distutils build, maybe the truth is in there...

It would help if you could join the GIMP irc channel this evening,
I'm usually there each day, from 18:00 UTC to about 22:00 UTC


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