Could someone sketch the mechanism by which pygimp is supposed to be

It is a python module (actually two of them), but even if you make sure that python should find them (either by a .pth file in python's Lib/site-packages
directory or by copying it there, it doesn't work.

I meant the following:
Gimp must somehow load the module pygimp, which loads libpython,
which loads the python scripts.
I suspect the that the module mechanism is not picking up the pygimp module.

I can provide the build logs for this, the flags given to gcc and ld differ
between the autotools and distutils build, maybe the truth is in there...

yes. please do so.

Could you also verify that you are in fact running gimp-2.3.1 and that
pygimp is actually compiled from the sources inside gimp-2.3.1...

-- lode

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