On Friday 24 June 2005 08:41, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Does it really make sense to make this a preference option?

Really only if you also have a toggle or two on the widget itself to 
allow it to be changed on the fly. Or at least a gimprc-configurable 
option to _present_ such toggles in the widget.

> Wouldn't it be better to add a UI that deals explicitely with
> processing batches of images?

No, for many reasons. Although this raises a couple of other 

<digression> Another toggle which says "open these one at a time", ie, 
"when the first image is closed, automatically open the second, etc", 
would be separately useful.

A special batch-processing UI would have its own independent uses, (e.g. 
it would be handy to be able throw a macro at a batch of Gnumeric files 
in one go), but does not directly address the issue. </digression>

We're not trying to turn The GIMP into a GUI copy of ImageMagick. The 
purpose of the exercise is to cater straightforwardly to the batching 
_mindset_ rather than a specifically batched situation.

The object is to be able to face a directory of "raw" images, select 
some of them to work on _in_different_ways_ and be able to save the 
results to a different directory without having to steer the file-save 
dialog to the output directory afresh for every single file.

Solving it witgh a purpose-built batch UI would provide a more 
complicated arrangement (separate Open function) which is of limited 
use (but see above for an exception) outside GIMPland and would be 
quite confusing to handle in applications with no dialect of MDI or 
real concept of document-centricity.

> We have the chance to get this right for 2.4, so let's see if we
> can't find a better solution...

I hope so. An elegant UI is a fine objective, but putting theory in 
front of practicality is generally a bad idea. The practicality here is 
that neither the old UI nor the present one is intuitive for all 
comers, and for different reasons. The ideal outcome would be a widget 
at least as simple as the existing one, but which you can use a rc or 
similar mechanism to complicate if it suited your manner of working.

One specific oft-requested complication is a sticky save directory.

Cheers; Leon

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