> Von: "lode leroy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Aha! So I edited the Makefile, to add the missing path. and now alt least
> I have a dll, although its called 'gimpmodule.dll'... suppose I can just 
> rename that to gimp.dll...

> Didn't get a pth file from autotools...
> So what am I supposed to do now?

Write one yourself. This is something that should be done by the gimp

> Do I simply put the dll in site-packages?
> Hmm... that seems to have worked!
> "make install" should be convinced to do this for me :-)
> [or is this what the pth is about? do I need it to tell that gimp is in 
> gimpmodule.dll?]

pth files include additional paths for python to look for modules. Copying
the DLLs to site-packages is another way to do this.

> Gimp now loads the .py files and now they complain about
> gimpfu module and no longer about the gimp module !!!
> Ah, I needed to modify environ/pygimp.env
> Good.
> Now it's the _gimpenums module... hmm... there is no dll for this one 
> either...
> The only difference I see is that Makefile.am seems to be missing 
> $(no_undefined) for _gimpenumsmodule.

Maybe this was the problem...

> Ah. got the dll now!
> Same for gimpcolormodule...
> damn. Now I get "undefined reference to `gimp_rgba_parse_css'"
> and it is missing from  'gimpcolor.def"

This is a problem in GIMP itself then, the function has to be added to the
def file. 

> $ for f in /target/lib/gimp/2.0/python/*module.dll; do cp $f ${f/module/};
> done
> Ah, now it starts up, and the "Python-fu" is there... yippee!

Did I get this right - Python is picky about the name of the module files?

> And now lets hope some autotools-wizard can deduce from this mail what
> needs 
> to change...

Some -o adjustements, adding the no-undefined ... 

> The detection of python on msys is not too good:
> $ python -c 'import sys; print sys.exec_prefix'
> c:\Python24
> which needs to be
> c:/Python24

I have these in my CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS, so the headers etc... get found

Great work! Seems like we will finally have pygimp 2.4 for GIMP 2.4 on each
of the officially supported platforms. Hm, how about letting
Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu die in favor of it? ;)


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