> Von: "lode leroy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> some hints and remarks for building gimp-2.3.1+ from cvs
> ftruncate is not present in my version of mingw, so I changed it to make
> it compile.

> Maybe this should be autodetected by configure as
> or maybe glib should provide g_ftruncate to wrap the platform-specific 
> implementation...

There has been some confusion about this in glib and mingw. We shouldn't
change anything without talking to the glib developers.

> the autodetection of python on MSYS is not too good:
> the "\"es need to be replaced with "/"es, so I added this to

We took care of this in the GIMP build environment, but fixing it on the
Python level is better, of course - especially as paths with forward slashes
are valid at the Windows API level as well.


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