Hal wrote:
> 1.  Currently embedded profiles are not used.  This needs to be implemented
> The gimp-color-management plug-in (by Jordi Canton
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) looks like it has the code needed to read in
> an embedded profile and could be leveraged to get this functionality.
> Highest priority of any CM work.

Actually the plugin is reading the profile attached as parasite. Last
time I checked, only the TIFF files were abe to read/write the
profiles as color parasites. There is no problem to read the color
profile as parasite but the read/write color profile should also be
implemented in the other file formats wich support embeebed color
profiles (i.e. jpg)

> 2. Default Profile Paths need to be implemented.  This should be user
> modifiable.  On open source systems it should be set to
> ~/.color/icc:/usr/share/color/icc by default and the user should only be able
> to add additional locations to this path (not sure about the last part). On
> open source systems The GIMP installation should create these directories if
> they do not exist (? not sure about this).  On closed source systems the
> system default locations should be used.  On Windows XP this would normally
> be C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color.  I don't know what it is on a
> Mac.   Medium to low priority.

I agree, the use of directories to store the profiles provides an easy
and quick way to select the different profiles.

> 3. Menu items to assign profiles to images and to convert images between color
> spaces needs to be implemented.  There is already a plug-in available that
> sort of does this (gimp-color-manager).  It is on the rough side and has a
> more complex UI than is really needed and the UI confusing.  This either
> needs to be simplified and cleaned up or just used to pull out needed
> functionality for implementing a cleaner UI.  High priority.
Well, obviouslly I am not a great interface designer ;). Although I
improved it using some of the users suggestions it is really difficult
to desing a simple interface wich supports all the different plugin
funcionalities. I will appreciate any further suggestion wich
clarifies the plugin interface.

Jordi Cantón
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