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> Where is the GIMP Website located (in terms of making changes)?  If
> someone wants to help e.g. do one page, but not take over the whole
> project, how would s/he go about propagating the changes to the GIMP
> website (if approved)?

The GNOME CVS, just where GIMP's source code is located, too. The module is
gimp-web. The pages in there are templates that are built into the complete
pages by a Makefile, but they are complete enough to be edited without
having to build them if you are careful.

The best way to contribute (if you don't have CVs access or don't want to do
changes without getting approval) is to check them out from anoncvs, do the
changes and provide a patch as an attachment in GNOME Bugzilla, in the
gimp-web product.

On as side not, it is strongly recommended to take Carol's rumbling with a
(huge) grain of salt - she like to overexaggerate and to play with other
people, although she will disagree on the latter :)


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