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   Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 18:58:14 +0100

   Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

   > Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
   >> This helps.  The GIMP actually includes its own copy of the Print
   >> plugin, but I don't know exactly what source that's based on.  What
   >> you might try is using --disable-print with the GIMP, and configuring
   >> Gimp-Print with --enable-gimp (which builds the Print plugin out of
   >> the Gimp-Print source).
   > Which is actually what debian is doing (at least in sid). They
   > recently switched from the included plug-in to the one that comes with
   > gutenprint. I have been very disappointed to find out that none of the
   > user interface improvements that we have done to the Print plug-in
   > over the last years have been incorporated into that version.
   > Basically the Print dialog looks like crap now.

   I wanted to do this, but the fact that we have to support both
   GTK+-1.2 (for Cinepaint) and GTK+-2.0 (for Gimp) versions of the
   codebase caused serious problems keeping the two versions in sync.
   It also meant that the 2.0 version was basically restricted to
   using the 1.2 era features, otherwise syncing changes would become
   impossible.  All I could do was a minimal conversion from 1.2 to

I don't see why we necessarily have to keep the capabilities of the
two in sync.  The 1.2 plugin already supports all of the 5.0
capabilities, and keeping them in sync doesn't really reduce the
testing burden.  It might be a bit late to do it now, but if you want
to get started, go ahead.

The only 1.2 clients we need to be concerned with are the GIMP and
Cinepaint.  The GIMP folks have no interest in 1.2, and if Cinepaint
wants to improve it, they can maintain it.

   As soon as 5.0.0 is released and stable branched in CVS, I'd like
   to rip out the 1.2 UI code and do some real work on the 2.0 code,
   which will include merging the Gimp changes over, as well as
   splitting it out into discrete GObjects; I'm not too happy with the
   current slew of global variables.

That code really is rather brutal, isn't it...

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